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SisterWeb Returning to In-Person Support


RE: SisterWeb Return to In-Person Support at SF Hospitals 

To Our Amazing Community, 

Greetings to all of you and thank you for your continued support for our community doula network. SisterWeb has been able to continue to support all of our clients remotely and continue to sustain employment for all of our staff during the City's Shelter In Place order. Up until now, this has meant that all doulas, administrative staff and mentors are still able to provide support to birthing families, but using remote technology. We’ve created many resources for the doulas to share ideas and information with each other and their clients as we all adjust to this new way of working as well as providing new iPhones with hotspots and training in providing remote care and use of PPE. 

We’re thankful for the collaboration across community-based organizations. Through these partnerships, we’ve been able to provide groceries, baby food, cash barrier removal gift cards, PPE, diapers, hand sanitizer, and other maternal and baby items to all of our clients during the SIP. We’re thankful for the hospital sites working with our organization that has resulted in tablets being used by laboring patients to “zoom in” their doulas. 

As hospital sites begin to open up their policies around support people and doulas, SisterWeb is also meeting our own internal criteria for sending our staff to work in hospitals (adequate training, Personal Protective Equipment, employment with health insurance etc.)

Beginning July 18th, 2020, SisterWeb doulas may attend the birth in person, as long as both doula and client have been symptom free, have not tested positive for COVID-19 and have signed consent forms. 

Our doulas will still be providing tele-support (video chat and phone) for all prenatal and postpartum doula appointments. Please reach out to your doulas and/or doula coordinator (the person who completed your intake appointment) with any questions. We continue to evaluate our own services and encourage you to fill out our surveys to continuously improve our response to community and methods of care. Each of our families/babies deserve the very best! 

Information can change quickly and without notice based on up to date COVID-19 and data. All decisions are based on what we know and the most recent information we have. SisterWeb's policy is subject to change based on our most current knowledge. Please reach out with any questions or concerns. 


Marna Armstead Executive Director 

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