Semilla Sagrada Compañeras de Parto
Sacred Seed Birth Companions

Quienes somos / Who We Are

Semilla Sagrada es un programa de apoyo directo creado por doulas Latinx de diferentes nacionalidades para servir a las doulas y familias Latinx de San Francisco.

Semilla Sagrada is a direct service program created by Latinx doulas of different nationalities to support Latinx families and birthworkers in San Francisco.

Misión / Mission

Nuestra misión es proveer apoyo que celebra la historia única de cada cliente y la de sus seres queridos, sus tradiciones y cultura, siendo puentes de empoderamiento para que cada individuo y familia tenga un parto digno, memorable y llena de felicidad.  Esperamos - a través de ese apoyo - ayudar a fortalecer y sanar a la comunidad Latinx apoyando a nuestrxs clientes en conectarse con otras familias, recursos comunitarios y para desarrollar su propia visión para su familia y capacidad de abogar para ella durante el embarazo y más adelante como cabezas de familia.

We provide support that celebrates the unique stories of each of our clients and those of their loved ones, their culture and traditions, serving as bridges of empowerment to help ensure Latinx families have memorable and dignified births full of joy.  We strive to strengthen and heal our community by connecting clients with other families at similar stages of life, community resources, and a deepened capacity to advocate for themselves and their communities during and after pregnancy.


Filosofía / Philosophy

La sabiduría que nos guía es ancestral.  La heredamos de nuestrxs antepasadxs: abuelxs, parterxs, curanderxs, y estamos comprometidxs a honrar, fortalecer, y proteger con orgullo nuestras tradiciones culturales.  Creemos que dar a luz es sagrado y trabajamos con cada cliente para cultivar un ambiente sin prejuicio; un ambiente de confianza, respeto y dignidad durante el embarazo, parto y cuarentena (postparto).  Las doulas de Semilla Sagrada valoramos las asociaciones y relaciones sólidas con lxs profesionales de la salud materna y brindamos apoyo sin ningún prejuicio antes, durante y después del nacimiento de su bebe.

The wisdom that guides us is ancestral; we inherited it from our grandparents, parterxs, and curanderxs (traditional midwives and healers), and are dedicated to honoring, strengthening, and protecting those cultural traditions with pride.  We believe that childbirth is sacred and work hard to cultivate a relationship of trust, mutual respect and dignity, without judgment during pregnancy and the postpartum period.  The doulas of Semilla Segrada value our association and strong working relationships with medical providers and teams.


Blanca Galicia

Blanca Galicia was born in El Salvador and currently lives in the Mission District with her 3 sons and husband.  The birth of her second son in San Francisco 13 years ago inspired her to start training as a Childbirth Doula, postpartum Doula, and Lactation Doula.  She currently holds the positions of doula and Community Outreach Doula with Semilla Sagrada Compañeras de Parto of SisterWeb.  Blanca additionally has trained in infant nutrition, infant massage, infant CPR, supporting bilingual families, baby sign language and more.  She is fluent in Spanish, proficient in English and willing to learn other languages!  She is approachable, creative, patient and loving and maintains a “being of service” attitude.  Blanca is open to learning at all times and is humbled by what she learns from her clients every day.

I am deeply rooted in this work and nurtured by my social, labor, religious communities, and family. As a Woman and Mother, I am totally committed to the mission of our work, along with my doula sisters, who honor the ancestral work we are doing with SisterWeb.  I hope to raise awareness in our communities and a new generations of professionals committed to a public and reproductive health system where women and their birth experiences are respected. Being conscious and aware that at the moment of birth a woman is connecting with HEAVEN AND EARTH.

Elena Mariscal

I’m Elena, I am a first-generation, child of immigrant indigenous farm workers and I am passionate about supporting the migrant and indigenous community. I believe in giving voice to women in deciding for their bodies and receiving adequate health care services. As a SisterWeb doula I aspire to honor, represent and defend sacred birthing traditions.


I am a SisterWeb Doula because I want to help create a sustainable project for women of color, foster support and advocacy for vulnerable members of our communities and reclaim our ancestral and cultural traditions of natural births. I am grateful to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Doulas of SisterWeb. It is an honor to share and learn together with women that have similar visions, motivation and goals. It is a joy to share sisterhood, energy, love, support and wisdom in creating bridges of empowerment.

Rudi Mondragon
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Rudi Mondragon is a second-generation Xicana, feminist, mama and current coordinator of SisterWeb’s Latinx Doula Program: Semilla Sagrada Compañeras de Parto, for which she is also a doula.  Through her own birthing experiences and by participating in those of family and friends she has come to believe in the transformative potential of childbirth and is passionate about supporting families and individuals from San Francisco’s Latinx community and beyond through their pregnancies and birth experiences.  She has a background in community sexual and reproductive health, LGBT health, and abortion care and is dedicated to holding space for clients and families through the full spectrum of pregnancy outcomes and for the cultural traditions and practices they bring to their birth ceremonies.

My two favorite parts of working in community healthcare have always been: 1) Doing one-on-one health education sessions with clients and building safe, trusting spaces where people can share their stories in confidence and access, at times, much-needed information and support, and: 2) Collaborating to create more accessible and equitable healthcare systems through anti-racist and intersectional Social Justice and Reproductive Justice lenses.  Working as a doula with SisterWeb allows me to work with both healthcare institutions and my own community more deeply on both of these fronts outside the constraints of clinical schedules and to model nonjudgmental support and its lasting effects for Latinx families and individuals throughout pregnancy and beyond.  

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