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Kindred Birth Companions Clients 

It was an amazing resource, helped me feel calmer and taken care of during a very vulnerable time, and provided great coaching during the birth. Having a doula helped me to not get in the weeds with complicated family relationships; I knew I had someone who would not bring their own agenda to the birth and would just be calm and focused on me

I received so much information and support that I didn’t even feel nervous about the process at all. I knew what to expect, I felt comfortable with my choices and knowing I had choices, and overall I knew I just had more support at each step.

My doula, Azraa Muhammad, was an amazing support during my pregnancy, birth, and in the vulnerable and challenging weeks postpartum. I am so grateful to Azraa for her calm presence and deep knowledge.

Semilla Sagrada Clients 

A mi me gusto mucho la experiencia de tener una doula, yo no sabía que era una doula la verdad, luego que supe y vi cómo me ayudaron durante todo el proceso pues quedé encantada, siempre sentí el apoyo de ellas nunca me sentí sola y eso me gustó mucho, muchas gracias a SisterWeb.

It was a really beautiful experience to see what your body is capable of supporting and at the same time have that great support at that moment that so much I needed.

Para mi yo creo que el mejor beneficio fue tener a alguien con quien contar, alguien que responda todas nuestras dudas y que nos ayude.

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“SisterWeb is an amazing organization and I hope to be able to have their support in my next pregnancy.”

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