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SisterWeb Goal Scorecards

From its first months of operation, SisterWeb adopted Results Based Accountability as the guiding framework to help us clarify our purpose and hold ourselves accountable to the communities we uplift and serve. Each of our four organizational goals, redesigned in our strategic planning process, has a linked scorecard (similar to a report card) which makes our data visible and helps us stay on track.

Goal 1 - SisterWeb nurtures a skilled workforce of Community Doulas who see

birth work as a viable profession.

Goal 2 - SisterWeb’s culturally congruent holistic doula care supports Black - Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander - and Latina/o/x pregnant and birthing people in achieving their own birth goals.

Goal 3 - SisterWeb engages in the national movement to eliminate structural racism in healthcare systems as a driver of birth inequities.

Goal 4 - SisterWeb expands and strengthens its operational effectiveness and organizational sustainability.

The score reflected for each goal is not fixed. These scorecards are directly linked to our Compyle database, so the score is updated in real-time as more data flows into our system.


SisterWeb continues to partner with allied researchers to elevate the need for respectfully funded Community Doula organizations and programs. Click on the links below to read our publications.

Photovoice Project with SisterWeb Doulas and Clients 

These photographs and quotes are from the SisterWeb Evaluations Department’s photovoice project carried out in by 2022. Photovoice is a participatory qualitative research tool used in community-based research. It’s a powerful way to help us understand others and connect with each other. For our photovoice project, SisterWeb community doulas took photographs and attached stories that represented their individual perspectives and lived experiences as doulas.

In 2023, this project was continued to capture the experiences of SisterWeb clients. 

SisterWeb Accomplishments 

Above: Recording of our live webinar,

"SisterWeb Shines: 2022 Community Impact Report."

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