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Workforce Development is an ongoing process of:

  • Educating and empowering staff.

  • Improving individuals' potential in the workplace and career trajectory.

  • Creating, sustaining, and retaining a viable workforce.

SisterWeb's Workforce Development Program promotes training awareness and facilitates the exchange of information regarding suitable training methods and materials that benefit SisterWeb and the overall local birthwork landscape. 
We provide staff with training opportunities in SisterWeb's Birth and Professional Core Competencies to ensure their success in SisterWeb and beyond. Doulas and staff receive crucial support and ongoing coaching so that they have access to the appropriate guidance needed to provide exceptional care. 


Birth Core Competencies (BCC) and Professional Core Competencies (PCC)


Birth Core Competencies (BCC) are birth-related skills and knowledge points. Through BCC, SisterWeb would like to have our staff understand these main categories. Each category contains a collection of competency subject areas, which are broken down further into specific skills/topics​

  • Prenatal

  • Labor/Birth

  • Postpartum


Professional Core Competencies (PCC) are skills from various professional areas which include but are not limited to:

  • Google Suite, Compyle, Asana

  • Interviewing Skill Building

  • Communication and Interpersonal Skills

  • Listening Skills: The Basics of Listening

  • Interpersonal Communication: Communication with Confidence

  • Business Writing: Know Your Reader & Your Purpose

  • Entrepreneur Training

SisterWeb Community Doula Mentors

SisterWeb Community Doula Mentors provide crucial support and ongoing mentorship to SisterWeb Doulas so they have the guidance and support needed to provide exceptional care to the communities SisterWeb serves (Latinx and Black/African American birthing families). SisterWeb Community Doula Mentors believe in each one of SisterWeb’s doulas' ability to excel as birth workers, through identifying their strengths, assisting them in identifying their own support systems, modeling boundary setting/communication skills, and creating doula-centered goals. 

For more information about SisterWeb's Workforce Development program, email Deundra Hundon at‬. 

100% of doulas reported that they feel that their mentors are there to help them identify their own goals, assess their resources, find solutions. SisterWeb Fiscal Year Report,
The average level that SisterWeb doulas feel like SisterWeb is helping them achieve their professional goals is 9/10. 
SisterWeb Fiscal Year Report, 2022-2023

83% of SisterWeb clients reported that they would someday like to help members of their community by becoming a community doula.
SisterWeb Fiscal Year Report,

Meet the Workforce Development Team

asatu_sisterwebretreat_031320230197 (1).JPG

Asatu Hall, LM, Community Doula Mentor

Asatu is a professionally trained midwife, mother, educator, artist, and youth advocate. She is a Bay area native and graduated from Mercy High School, San Francisco.  Asatu served as the  California State Representative for the International Center for Traditional Childbearing (ICTC) and has served the Bay Area as a Community Midwife for 20 years.  Asatu is the Founder and Director of  Oakland based grassroots organizations, Sacred Grove Traditions and YEWAS Rites of Passage Program (Young Empowered Wombmyn Achieving Self). The organizations are committed to assisting girls and women of African descent in developing a healthy lifestyle through education about holistic, indigenous, and alternative methods of self-care and wellness, providing advocacy and education about Midwifery and alternative birth options and developing cultural Rites of Passage ceremonies and mentorship for young girls and young women.


Deundra Hundon,
Director of Workforce Development

As a resident of Bayview Hunter's Point for over 40 years, Deundra Hundon is always looking for ways to support the families her community/city. Being a doula allows her to do just that by providing doula support to birthing persons in her community as well as throughout San Francisco. She is confident that her work helps improve birth disparities of birthing people/women throughout the bay area.

Deundra is currently supporting families as a labor/birth/postpartum/grief doula and completed her training with Cornerstone Doula Training. In addition to her training, she is a mother and grandmother; two experiences that have provided her with personal experience with childbirth, infant and toddler care. Her passion and interest for doing birth work and becoming a doula began when I was just a student in high school, preparing for college. Since then, She has worked in childcare and education as a teacher, program director, family support coordinator and college advisor. Deundra’s experience working with children and their families for more than 25 years has prepared her for understanding families’ special needs and bringing calm and focus to the entire family in some of the most challenging yet joyful times.

Deundra’s approach to all people is to provide love, compassion and support. There isn’t a class that we have in our school system that teaches us how to have a wonderful and supportive birth and bring into the world wonderful, beautiful healthy babies. She believes that her role is to be that teacher, provide the course of learning and be present for the birth and beyond.


Professional Experience:

  • Co - founder, 2017 of Bare With Me Doula Group. (Formerly, Bare With Me, A Mother-Daughter Doula Duo)

  • Over 30 years of clerical, administrative, and executive experience.

  • Over 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship and I am a second-generation entrepreneur.

  • Educator of elementary, middle school, high school and adult learners for over 25 years.

Doula Qualifications and Memberships:

  • CPR

  • Experience with High Risk Pregnancies

  • Death Doula Certification

  • Evidence - Based Birth, Member

Professional Memberships & Affiliations

  • Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc, Member

  • FACES SF, Board of Directors


Laura Perez,
Birth Core Competency Trainer

Laura Marina Perez, a Native South American, was born in Callao, Peru and raised in and around Hartford, Connecticut, USA. When she was a young person, Laura heard the word and, learning the definition of "midwife," decided that's what she wanted be when she grew up. As part of her midwifery training, she began attending births as a volunteer doula in local San Francisco hospitals. Laura also worked as a Gynecological Teaching Associate for 20 years, teaching medical students how to perform women-centered breast and pelvic exams using her own body as a teaching tool. She was also a Social Work Associate at the Women's Options Center at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center (ZSFGH) where she counseled, educated and assisted those seeking 1st and 2nd trimester abortion services.

Laura is currently a Certified Professional Midwife and a Licensed Midwife in the state of California. She strives to incorporate traditional midwifery into her practice and is proud to be one of two home birth midwives of color in San Francisco.

As SisterWeb's Birth Core Competency Trainer, Laura uses her knowledge and experiences to support SisterWeb Doulas in physiologic pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum. Laura is also honored to be a part of an community-based organization with roots in reproductive justice, led and made up of primarily other women and people of color in San Francisco.

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