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Our Story

Semilla Sagrada, Compañerxs de Parto (Semilla) was a direct service program at SisterWeb created by Latinx doulas of different nationalities to support Latinx families and birthworkers in San Francisco. The wisdom that guides Semilla is ancestral, inherited from their grandparents and traditional midwives and healers. Semilla is dedicated to honoring, strengthening, and protecting those cultural traditions with pride. Semilla believes that childbirth is sacred and works hard to cultivate a relationship of trust, mutual respect and dignity, without judgment during pregnancy and the postpartum period.  The doulas of Semilla value their association and strong working relationships with medical providers and teams.


Semilla provides support that celebrates the unique stories of each of their clients and those of their loved ones, their culture and traditions, serving as bridges of empowerment to help ensure Latinx families had memorable and dignified births full of joy. Through this work, Semilla hopes to help strengthen and heal the Latinx community by supporting their clients in connecting with other families, community resources, and to develop their own vision for their family and ability to advocate for themselves during pregnancy and beyond.

Unfortunately, Semilla closed due to a persistent lack of funding across the public and private sectors. These funding challenges and budget cuts forced the Semilla program to close its doors on December 29, 2023. The Semilla program was among the first to offer Latine doula support in San Francisco and has built deep and meaningful relationships through this work. SisterWeb was the first community doula program to offer full-time, paid employment with benefits to Black and Latine community-based doulas in San Francisco serving our communities. Even today, SisterWeb is one of the few programs providing full-time and benefited employment to community-based doulas nationwide.

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Accomplishments & Impact 

One of the many accomplishments of Semilla includes creating a curriculum in Spanish to provide health education to monolingual Spanish speakers. The curriculum provided clients with more information about their pregnancy. 

According to data from the SisterWeb Shines 2022-2023 Fiscal Year Impact Report and client satisfaction surveys:

  • Semilla Sagrada Doulas spent an average of 26 hours assisting SisterWeb clients during birth.

  • 90% of Semilla Sagrada clients that completed the survey said they are walking away after birth feeling proud and dignified.

  • 100% of Semilla Sagrada clients that completed the survey said they would  want a SisterWeb doula if they got pregnant again.

  • 100% of Semilla Sagrada clients who completed the survey reported their SisterWeb doula helped them feel connected to their body during pregnancy.

  • 90% of Semilla Sagrada clients that completed the survey felt it was important that their SisterWeb doula be of a similar cultural background to them and their family.

  • 70% of Semilla Sagrada clients that completed the survey said they would like to help their community by becoming a community doula someday.

  • 100% of Semilla Sagrada clients who responded to the survey reported feeling more confident navigating the healthcare system and understanding their rights and options, thanks to their SisterWeb doula.

Clients have described their experiences with Semilla community doulas as the following: 

"I would recommend it 100%, because it was a huge support before, during, and after my pregnancy. Especially during labor, having their presence gave me strength in the moments I needed it the most." Semilla Sagrada Client

"I just really appreciate Noemi, Sonia and Vanessa for the support they provided. They are a strong team and know what they are doing ❤️. I don't know how I would have made it through this pregnancy without them and their support 😊." Semilla Sagrada Client

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Resources & Contact Information

To access community resources in San Francisco, California offering support to Latine families seeking community doula support and/or pregnancy support, click on the following link: Sisterweb’s Community Doula list

To get in touch with former Semilla doulas regarding community doula support or community doula opportunities, please refer to their contact information below. 


For questions and more information about SisterWeb, send us an email at For questions and information about Kindred Birth Companions, SisterWeb’s community doula program for Black moms, birthing persons, and families, contact Bria Donaldson at​

The name “Semilla Sagrada Compañerxs de Parto” will continue to be used by former SisterWeb staff from the Semilla Sagrada program who will continue working together to provide community doula care to Latine moms, birthing people, and families.


A mi me gusto mucho la experiencia de tener una doula, yo no sabía que era una doula la verdad, luego que supe y vi cómo me ayudaron durante todo el proceso pues quedé encantada, siempre sentí el apoyo de ellas nunca me sentí sola y eso me gustó mucho, muchas gracias a SisterWeb.

It was a really beautiful experience to see what your body is capable of supporting and at the same time have that great support at that moment that so much I needed.

Para mi yo creo que el mejor beneficio fue tener a alguien con quien contar, alguien que responda todas nuestras dudas y que nos ayude.

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