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SisterWeb Garden with Semilla Sagrada

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Behind the SisterWeb cottage nests a garden that is home to a variety of plants and herbs. Many of these plants support people emotionally, physically, and spiritually during pregnancy, postpartum, and breastfeeding. The garden itself is a nurturing space for SisterWeb community doulas and clients to hold appointments. The garden has also created the opportunity for Semilla Sagrada doulas to incorporate its medicine into their traditional doula practices.

With permission from the guardians of the land, Noemí Delgado and Sonia Lizama, Semilla Sagrada community doulas at SisterWeb, have used these plants with their clients in the form of sprays, soaks, sitz baths, and bouquets. They do not prescribe clients to consume or ingest these plants.

Sonia and Noemí have learned about the healing properties of different plants through reading books, taking courses, trainings provided by other SisterWeb doulas, and working together as doulas. What has been most impactful to them is learning about plant medicine through the knowledge and wisdom of clients who have grown up with these plants in Latin America.

The garden's life force is abundant in oak trees, grape leaves, roses, fennel, English and French lavender, rue, sage, dandelion, calendula, corn leaves, thyme, rosemary, chamomile, and so much more. In the video below, Sonia and Noemí take us on a tour of the garden and describe the energetic, cleansing, and healing properties of some of these plants. They also share their experiences and connections with the garden, as well as its teachings and all they ways they hope to grow with it.

In this next video, Sonia and Noemí share how to make a flower essence, and the supportive properties of using chamomile and yarrow in the blend.

Click here to learn more about Semilla Sagrada.

This blog post was written by Sofía Carbone, SisterWeb's Communications Coordinator, with support and guidance from Sonia and Noemí. Thank you Noemí, Sonia, garden, guardians of the land, clients, and Deundra Hundon for your space, medicine, energy, and wisdom.

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