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This Women's History Month, We Honor Our Granny Midwives

This Women’s History Month we honor and acknowledge the Granny Midwives, the trailblazers who came before us and continue to inspire birthwork every day.

Granny Midwives taught us that trusted people are integral in creating a support system for birthing people as they navigate the perinatal, birth, & postpartum periods. In the tradition of the Granny Midwives, we normalize and celebrate the birth experiences of Black people. We believe birth is sacred and we cultivate a space of dignity, respect and trust with every family we support. 

Granny Midwives were highly respected Black women in the rural South who provided care to women during pregnancy and labor at a time when hospitals & obstetrics were not accessible in these communities. Their skills & knowledge were invaluable and laid the foundation for modern-day midwifery & doula support services.

This blog post was written and designed by Sam Rubey, Intern for the SisterWeb Evaluations Department and Master of Public Health (MPH) Candidate at Brown University School of Public Health with support from Sofía Carbone, SisterWeb's Communications Coordinator.

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