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Friends, Family, and Community Members,

Please join SisterWeb on this global day of giving to ensure that women of color continue to have equitable, positive pregnancies and birthing experiences and that doulas of color are paid fairly and supported on their career paths as our state and nation plan to reopen and work to get more and more citizens tested. COVID-19 is a shared experience among communities and across cultures, highlighting our interdependence on one another. In no sector is this more apparent than in nonprofits. SisterWeb has worked swiftly during the pandemic to ensure our participants receive support remotely despite the economic and medical hardships we’re all facing. A donation from you today will enable SisterWeb to:

SisterWeb serves communities most impacted by the coronavirus in San Francisco. Residents of the Mission and Bayview Hunters Point, home to the city’s largest populations of Latinos and African Americans respectively, have the most reported cases of COVID-19. Since the shelter-in-place was ordered on March 17, 2020, SisterWeb has increased the frequency of our African American, Latinx, and Pacific Islanders mothers' perinatal visits through video-conferencing and phone calls, ensuring that they receive emotional support during a time of great concern and crisis. I am so appreciative of the support we’ve already received during this hard time and hope you might consider again, or for the first time, supporting our doulas and mothers.  In solidarity,

Marna Armstead, Executive Director SisterWeb: San Francisco Community Doula Network

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