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SW Food & PPE Delivery Program

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Great news!

San Francisco Community Doula Network is shifting towards Healing Centered Engagement, which means being part of a network that provides solutions. Therefore, we wanted to serve our community by offering some immediate services.

Welcome to the SisterWeb’s Cares Program! This program was designed to provide a variety of essential items by delivering them straight to the doors of our families. SisterWeb deeply cares and wants to do what we can to lift families up in this hard time.

Through much collaboration, we are able to provide a weekly care box of a variety of food/grocery items and, as well as vouchers or gift cards. We are providing these items with love and as items are made available to us. Care boxes may differ each week.

We will begin our delivery service on Friday, June 5, 2020. Delivery is planned to occur from 3:00PM-6:00PM for the reminder of June 2020.

Stay healthy, resilient, and blessed.

In Community,


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